Developing a master plan for Dreamland and the wider town to deliver a sustainable events and hospitality business


Budget Setting

Masterplan Development

Dreamland background

  • The oldest Amusement Park in the UK dating back to 1870
  • Its centrepiece is the Scenic Railway, one of the last remaining wooden roller coaster with a brakes person on board in Europe
  • Following a period of uncertainty, it was bought and heavily invested into in 2017
  • Going back to its route, a music strategy was developed and all year round event spaces created from 500 – 15,000 capacity

Key Achievements

  • Being a key member of the strategic development group, developing the surrounding area with a £200m investment
  • Building a developing a team to run the site and plan for its growth
  • Delivering a 5-year business plan to the Board outlining the roadmap to breakeven in year 5 (from a £5m loss)
  • Building an events business from 30 events per year to 75 events with a roadmap to a 100 event target
  • Increasing spends across the estate and developing self-service functionality to reduce queue times and improve experience

I brought Steve to Margate and it has been my privilege to have had the opportunity to work with him. He is one of the most professional people I know. He can lead because he has integrity. He is competent, resourceful, a problem-solver. He can make decisions and accept the responsibility that comes with those decisions. And he has the stamina to see things through. "

Aidan de Brunner - Former ChairmanDreamland (Sands Heritage Ltd)