Laudation Consulting have been engaged by the client since RIBA stage 2 to provide advise on layout, facility requirements and end user operations



Users Journey

Some of the key elements that Laudation have been involved in, to work with the Design Team and develop in line with end operational requirements are listed below. Further information can be provided as required.

RIBA Stage 2

  • Layout & Size of Spaces
  • Roof Height & Rigging Options
  • Entry Locations and Sizes
  • Security Assessments
  • Seating Layouts and Sightlines
  • Integration with wider Campus Development
  • Concourse Layouts, Facilities and Services
  • Benchmarking Exercise

RIBA Stage 3

  • Review of Design Team Stage 2 Report
  • Development of Spaces, Locations, Requirements
  • Lead detailed Workshops on:
    • Crowd Flows
    • Fire Strategy
    • Bowl Design
    • Internal and External Layouts
    • Security
    • Wayfinding and Seating Layouts
    • MEP
    • F&B & Hospitality
    • Waste & Transport
    • Accessibility
  • Support with Planning Documentation

RIBA Stage 4

  • Review of Design Team Stage 3 Report
  • Capacity and detailed event layout development
  • Fire Strategy & Crowd Modelling refinement
  • Food & Beverage Development of Strategy and Delivery Requirements
  • Finalisation of Arena Rigging System
  • Wayfinding and Statutory Signage
  • Accessibility Provision
  • Development of Operational Strategy
  • Security, CCTV & Access Control
  • Broadcast, AV, PA & Acoustics Requirements
  • Parking & Logistics
  • Vertical Transportation
  • Developing the Employer Requirements (ER’s) with the Principle Contractor
  • RFP for client direct purchases e,g, seating

Laudation have vast experience in operating large scale, complex venues across the UK. We needed to find the right partner to work with us on the development of various projects across Europe, including our new venue in Manchester, and Laudation fit the bill and have provided us with expert advice throughout the project. "

Mark Donnelly – COO / CFO OVG InternationalOak View Group