Laudation have been working with Ascot Racecourse to refine their operating procedures and risk assessments and ensure compliance with new COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and by the British Horseracing Association (BHA).

In these uncertain times following the outbreak in March 2020 and the lockdown a couple of weeks later, all forms of events were cancelled immediately. Behind the scenes lots of work has continued to see how possible it would be to re-start some sporting events behind closed doors to provide some form of live sport entertainment in home, for those isolating. Thankfully Horse Racing was once of those governing bodies that reacted quickly and began working on procedures to re-start racing as soon as practicably possible.

Working with Ascot on these plans over the past weeks and months have been eye opening, says Steve Gotkine, Managing Director of Laudation Consulting. Royal Ascot is used to hosting close to 80,000 people a day over 5 days. A huge amount of work and stakeholder coordination takes place to ensure the event is as safe as it can be. For this years event, Ascot are expecting less than 500 people to be on site. All of these are essential workers and I would estimate even more work has taken place to ensure the site is ready and safe and all documents modified accordingly”.

The introduction of COVID-19 related inductions by the BHA and updates to the Ascot induction process have been well received. Coordination of Amber Zones where testing takes place prior to accessing the Green Zones or Racecourse have also been implemented.

Steve Gotkine continues “we’re really looking forward to getting back into Live Events. These are the first steps on a long journey to getting back to what we were used to pre lockdown. We’re hoping to take small steps in order to help build a case and confidence for live events to re-start with spectators as soon as possible”.

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